Songs of Straw & Gold is the first album I made, recorded in the summer of 1999. It features some of my earliest songs penned at the tender age of 18, and spans the bridge of time to a wizened 25. I am often mistaken for a woman on the cover of this album. The other person has been mistaken for all sorts of people, but is in fact not a person at all--just wax. The photo was snapped in the basement of a castle in England.
The foundation of the music is my acoustic guitar and vocals (and the occasional Jew's harp), but several tracks are fleshed out with a little percussion and bass by Chris Elliott, and very lovely backing vocals by Jen Frazier. Graciously deemed "poetry-as-music...a record to which diligent listening yields undeniable rewards" by FACE Magazine.


CLIP: The Wearing of the Blue

CLIP: The Dance Absurd