Mighty Above All Things was conceived by Wild Oats Records producer Steve Haggard. The label brought together four different artists for a singer/songwriter compilation album. Each artist went to Nashville to record four new songs, produced by Mr. Haggard and backed by an assortment of Wild Oats studio musicians. Britain's Music of the Midlands writes,"Zachary Oberzan, who exhibits some English and Celtic folk influences, has his wonderful moments on the CD, especially on his evocative ballad-style love song, Amelia Earhart." Amelia Earhart is the best song I've written. It's the closest I've come to summing it all up.

These four new songs will be included on my upcoming album, Athletes of Romance.


CLIP: The Mess I'm In

CLIP: Perfect

CLIP: Peculiar Wedding

CLIP: Amelia Earhart